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Skellefteå Schackklubb welcomes all chessplayers to the 2:nd edition of
soLett Chess Open
Skellefteå 20th - 24th April 2000

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The tournament with a prize found of 40 thousand SEK will be played in one group.
The tournament will be played without ELO-registration to FIDE.

Location:Scandic Hotel, Skellefteå, SWEDEN
Tournament: 9 rounds FIDE-schweizer
Time limits: Round 1-3  30 min/player and game.
Round 4-9  40 moves in two hours, and one hour for the rest of the game.
1:st 12 000:-, 2:nd  8 000:-, 3:rd 6  000:-, 4:th 4 000:-, 5:th 2 000:-, 6:th 1 000:-, 7:th 1 000:-
(The prizes are current with 80 competitors and will be shared. Tie break with progressive score and the Hort-system.)
Rating prizes:
In groups of 12 players counted from the end of the starting list.
1:st 1 000:-
The rating prizes will be shared in case of equal game points,  without tie break.
Registration must be done before the 6th of April 2000.
Send your entry by mail or e-mail to Tobias Pettersson.
With rating (ELO or/and NAT) 1.1 2000, club, telephone,  and address.
Registration at the playing hall is possible in case of vacant places.

Invited IGM:s have FREE accomondation, and start fee.
Other  IGM:s and IM:s have free start fee.
FM 150:-
Players born 1980 or later: 200:-
Other players: 300:-

Attention !   Only the 80 first entrys have guaranteed places.

Application form

Information:Tobias Pettersson   telephone:  +46(0)70-661 80 48
Vänortsvägen 18:1
977 54 LULEÅ

Skellefteå Schackklubb (Per Harila)  tel:        +46(0)910-190 01 (daytime)

Tobias Chess site of Norrland        URL:

April 20th Registration14.00-17.00(Personal registration in the playing hall.All players !)
Opening ceremony18.00-18.30
Round 118.30-19.30
Round 220.00-21.00
Round 321.30-22.30
April 21stRound 410.00-16.00
Round 517.00-23.00
April 22ndRound 610.00-16.00
April 23rdRound 710.00-16.00
Round 817.00-23.00
April 24thRound 910.00-16.00
Distribution of prizes17.00-18.00
With reservation for possible errors.
Accomondation: Scandic Hotel  Telephone: +46-910 75 24 00 (say soLett Chess Open)
Last year
1999 IGM Andrei Kharlov 2600, Russia 7½/9
10 IGM:s will be invited to the tournament!

Attention!    The tournament will be played without ELO-calculation.

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