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Skellefteå Kraft -Sweden Ladies International

Picture Gallery

IGM Evgenij Agrest,SWE, is playing a blind simulus with clocks.

Jan Palm (Hotel Manager) and Inna Agrest.

From the left: Tobias Pettersson, Evgenij Agrest, Lorentz Andersson, a pressman,
a photographer and Harry Hedlund.

A view over the opponents surrounded by spectators.

Evgenij Agrest in deep concentration.

Evgenij Agrest closeup.

From the left: Sven-Gunnar Samuelsson, a photographer, Evgenij Agrest and Per Harila.

From the left: Harry Hedlund, Ulf Norevall and Sven-Gunnar Samuelsson.

From the left: Christer Wänéus (behind the flag), Harry Hedlund, Lorentz Andersson, Jan Palm and Inna Agrest.

From the left: Johan Larsson, Christer Wänéus, Harry Hedlund, Lorentz Andersson and Jan Palm.